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Westbeth Artist Housing: A Sanctuary for the Arts in Greenwich Village

Certain New York landmarks stand as both testament and tribute to the arts. One such icon is the Westbeth Artist Housing—more than just a structure, it's a hub of creativity, offering a space for artists of various disciplines to thrive, and in doing so, deeply influencing the cultural fabric of the neighborhood.

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interior of the Westbeth Artists Housing community in Greenwich Village. There is a table for artists to work on and the nearby walls have colorful paintings hanging up

The story of Westbeth begins with a transformation. Originally, the complex was home to Bell Laboratories, where groundbreaking discoveries, including the first talking motion picture and the development of the vacuum tube, were made. However, by the mid-20th century, as the lab outgrew its space and shifted elsewhere, an opportunity for metamorphosis emerged.

Recognizing the dire need for affordable living and working spaces for artists in New York City, a vision was birthed. Architect Richard Meier undertook the task of converting the industrial space into a residential haven for artists. By 1970, the transformation was complete, and Westbeth Artist Housing opened its doors, becoming one of the first and largest artist communities in the world.

Notable figures from the Westbeth community have left their indelible mark on the arts. Choreographer Merce Cunningham, famed for his avant-garde dance movements, called Westbeth home. Visual artists, writers, musicians, and dancers have all found both refuge and inspiration within its confines. The renowned feminist artist Kate Millett, known for her impactful sculptures and writings, also resided here.

Delving into the corners of Westbeth's history reveals fascinating tidbits. For instance, the building boasts a quirky and almost maze-like design—a deliberate feature to foster unexpected encounters and collaborations among its artist residents.

Today, Westbeth Artist Housing stands as a beacon for the arts in Greenwich Village—a constant amidst the ever-changing cityscape. It serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving spaces for creativity and of the immeasurable value artists bring to our world.

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