Frequently Asked Questions

What are you going to create?

For Creators:

What if my background isn't in audio production?

We welcome creators from all fields and backgrounds! Level of experience in audio production will vary but we have plenty of resources to help you along the way.

How long does the production process usually take?

Producing an audio walk varies depending on the project. From our experience it can take anywhere between 2-10 weeks. However, many factors are involved and we're here to help you make sure the process is as straightforward and simple as possible.

Is this only for individual creators or can groups and organizations use the tool as well?

We welcome individuals, groups, local organizations, brands - we're open to all possibilities!

Can I charge for my content?

We are in the process of adding features that will allow you to charge for your content.

What devices would my audio tour be compatible with?

Gesso is available on iOS and Android!

Which cities can I create content in?

We are currently based in New York and working on content for NYC. However, we've had creators work on projects in cities like Chicago and Oakland as well! We welcome you to create content for any city you'd like as we start expanding to more places.

How long does the audio tour need to be?

The total duration is up to you, but the overall length is usually between 45-60 minutes total. Each individual stop along the audio tour is usually a few minutes (less than 5). You'll have a lot of flexibility over the length of your experience.

For Museum Professionals:

How do I get started making content that my audience can find on the Gesso App?

Register at as either a museum or an audio walk creator. If you are a museum and you are also planning to make an audio walk, please contact us at and we can help you set up a joint account.

How do I know when my content is visible to the public?

You can check the status of your content on the “Exhibitions” home page of When your status is “Published” it is visible to all app users.

How do I preview content before publishing?

To preview content for the web app: From your desktop, log in to and navigate to the exhibition or tour that you wish to preview. Click the pencil and you will see a pop-up box with the details of this object and at the bottom right, click “Save & Preview” to view your content as it appears in the Gesso web app. To preview content for mobile devices: From the browser, log in at, and click the pencil next to the exhibition or the tour that you’d like to preview. You’ll need to note the passcode from this view for the next step. Now open the Gesso app on a mobile device. Tap the icon in the top left, which will open a dropdown menu. Select “Passcode” then enter your chosen passcode to launch your exhibition content. This is only visible to those with the passcode until you publish your content.

How do I remove content from Gesso?

To temporarily remove content from public view, change the status of your exhibition from “Published” to “Draft.” To permanently remove content, click the trash icon next to the item you wish to delete.

How do I group items in my museum by gallery or floor?

To organize your content in Gesso, you can create names for specific galleries or floors for visitors to navigate. To create these, navigate to the “Exhibitions” home page of Then select the exhibition title, then click the object title. Under “Floor/Room/Area” select manage floors. Click the green plus sign in the upper right to add the names of your floors or galleries. You can edit the names by clicking the pencil icon for a particular area. Once your names have been added, they will appear in a drop down for other objects in your exhibitions. You can preview these changes in the app and web app.

What size images are recommended for the app?

We recommend images with an aspect ratio of 1:5.

How do I add alt text to images?

To add alt text, first navigate to the “Exhibitions” home page of First click the title of the exhibition, then click the image that you wish to update with alt text. You will see a pop-up box called “Edit item images.” Click the pencil icon underneath the image to add a description.

How do I create transcripts for audio?

There are several online providers that offer transcription services at a range of costs. We have found that Amazon Web Services offers the most affordable transcription of audio, although their process is slightly more cumbersome than other services. We are happy to provide instructions on using this service by request. We also recommend having staff on hand to review transcriptions for accuracy.

Which languages do you currently offer?

Gesso can automatically translate your content into audio and text into 15 different languages, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Hindi, Hebrew, Danish and Czech.

The translations are automated, how accurate are they?

Some of the language translations are better than others but most are fairly accurate. Visitors are notified that the translations are automated upon changing the language on Gesso. If budget and time allows, you can override the automated service to provide human translations with your updated content. We have received feedback from many visitors that having some form of translation was preferable to having nothing available in their language.

How can I help visitors with low vision change the text size?

Gesso’s iOS and Android apps support dynamic text size. Please check the settings on the device for text size options in the accessibility menus. If these users already have settings on their own devices, you shouldn’t have to do anything to adjust the settings.

How can I help visitors who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing access transcripts?

In the mobile app, after pressing the play button on an audio file, a media tray pops up from the bottom. Inside the media tray, just under the play button you’ll find the transcript.

I’ve never recorded audio before, how do I get started?

Recording audio may seem intimidating but there are a number of inexpensive and easy solutions for recording. This article from our blog is a great place to start. It explains how to do it yourself, including what equipment is needed to record content (spoiler alert: you can even record on a smartphone!). If you’re still struggling with content creation, our team of producers is available for hire to make engaging and exciting audio tours for your visitors.

How do I create engaging audio content?

This article from our blog provides lots of guidance on creating audio content that visitors will want to listen to. If you’re looking for more guidance on creating engaging audio tours, our producers would love to work with you and are available for hire.

How do I encourage visitors to use Gesso?

No one wants to create an audio guide that goes unused. We have some recommendations on our blog for encouraging visitors to find and utilize your content on Gesso, and this article outlines the ways that you can promote your audio guide on-site.

What museums have appeared on Gesso?

You can see a select list of our museum partners at You can also explore content directly on our app under the “Museum Guides” section.

Who owns the rights to audio and images uploaded to Gesso?

Gesso does not own the rights to content uploaded to the app. That intellectual property will always belong to the museums who have created it.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Museums are billed annually for use of the Gesso platform but no long term commitment is required. After your first year if you choose not to renew, then your content will be removed from the platform. There is no contract to sign.

How much does Gesso cost?

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to providing engaging content for your visitors and so we’ve priced the platform to be one of the most affordable on the market. For museums, Gesso cost $100/month and are billed annually.

My museum is closed due to the pandemic, can I get a discount?

Yes, we would love to host your content and help you create virtual tours while your building is inaccessible. Please get in touch at

How do I make a payment to Gesso?

Once you choose to publish content on Gesso you will receive an invoice for the first year of using the platform. Your content will not be made public until payment has been submitted.