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Publish your own
location-based audio experiences using Gesso.

Whether it's an audio tour, a meditation, a sound walk or an immersive moving play, use Gesso as your blank canvas.

We started Gesso with the mission to illuminate the diverse stories that bind us.

Publish and sell your own audio masterpiece using our creator tool. Your GPS-triggered audio experience can be listened to on iOS, Android or via our mobile web app, and you can offer it for free or as a paid experience. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 12.50.50.png

"With Gesso, it’s so cool that anybody can go in and experience our work and hear audio and visuals being triggered together. It’s almost like you’re putting yourself in the middle of a movie and you’re having the audio evolve around you." -Chromic Duo

Do you have a story to tell? Writers, podcasters, artists, community leaders, filmmakers, history nerds — we welcome creators of all backgrounds!

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