Let's Make Magic Together.

Join a global community of storytellers and leverage our Creator Tool to publish your own location-based audio experiences on Gesso.


We are the scaffolding that 
 elevates people to express the world from their vantage point.

We started Gesso with the mission to illuminate the diverse stories that bind us.
We want you to join us.

Our Creator Tool Enables:

  • Linear audio walks- Drop multiple pins on a map, Gesso will estimate how long the script needs to be from point A to point B based on words per minute x average walking speed. We also make prototyping easier by machine-generating voiceover so you can test the script and timing without investing in precious studio time before you are ready.​

  • Non-linear audio walks- Start by dropping a pin on a map then uploading images, text and an audio file, you can curate these pins into a themed collection or tour.

Whether you're an audio producer, sound artist, activist, filmmaker, playwright, author or enthusiast, we'd love to collaborate.

For additional information, check out our case studies and FAQs.