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The History Behind Ted Lasso’s Iconic Pub: The Prince’s Head

Set amid the alluring cobblestone streets of Richmond, a quaint borough in South West London, the Prince's Head is more than just a pub.

Cobblestone streets in London

It is a slice of history, a cultural cornerstone, and a timeless relic that has weathered centuries. It stands tall and proud, much like the ale it pours, as a testament to the town's rich and diverse cultural tapestry. The pub is a featured location on our self-guided audio walking tour of Richmond, which you can experience at your own pace. For now, let's pour ourselves into the story of this beloved landmark.

The Prince's Head is not merely one of Richmond's oldest pubs, but also a symbol of its enduring spirit. Born in the 18th century as a coaching inn, it served weary travelers and buoyant merchants, providing a stopover that was as comforting as it was necessary. Though the years have brought changes, each refurbishment and restoration has managed to retain the pub's core character, its original charm radiating through the centuries.

A hallmark of the Prince's Head's rich cultural tapestry is its association with the literary world. It was more than just a watering hole for Charles Dickens, arguably one of England's most celebrated authors. It was his muse, his solace, and the setting for some of his celebrated works, such as "Little Dorrit" and "Barnaby Rudge".

The pub's relevance continues unabated into the 21st century, with its latest claim to fame being a favored filming location for the hit series "Ted Lasso" (check out these Ted Lasso filming locations). Adding yet another layer to its cultural quilt, the Prince's Head served as the canvas for numerous iconic pub scenes in the show. This newfound association has made the pub a point of pilgrimage for fans, who flock here to relive their favorite moments from the show and soak up the atmosphere of a place where football, indeed, is life.

Many more Richmond stories and London walks await. Discover more local history with our Richmond audio tour, and see which nearby London neighborhoods you want to explore next!


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