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Ted Lasso's Richmond: Exploring the Real Locations of TV's Feel-Good Hit

Richmond is an idyllic corner of London where towering Georgian structures, resplendent in their red-brick splendour, engage in a fascinating architectural dialogue with the grandeur of the Victorian era. It's here, amidst this compelling historical backdrop, that the Emmy-laden tour de force, "Ted Lasso", found its roots.

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Let’s trace the footsteps of TV’s favorite football coach and see what stories we find about a few of the iconic filming locations. If, after reading this, you’re in the mood to keep exploring Richmond through the eyes of Ted Lasso, check out our self-guided audio walking tour.

Consider the Richmond Theatre, an architectural marvel that transcends the boundary between the arts and history. Its opulent façade and sweeping auditorium are a testament to the Edwardian Baroque style, which was all the rage when the theatre opened in 1899. The theatre has been a constant on the Richmond cultural scene, hosting many memorable performances over the years. However, its star turn in "Ted Lasso" – in Season 1, Episode 4, to be precise – when Rebecca hosts her children’s charity benefit, has thrust it into a new global spotlight. Here, the theatre's elegance and grandeur are the perfect backdrop for the glittering event, adding a dash of refined sophistication to the show’s already effervescent charm.

But Richmond isn't just about architectural grandeur. It's also about the tranquility of Richmond Green, a verdant oasis that has served as the communal heart of the town for centuries. It's a slice of pastoral bliss in the heart of the city, a testament to England's cherished tradition of preserving public spaces. In the world of "Ted Lasso", Richmond Green is more than just a picturesque location; it's a character in its own right, appearing in several episodes as a place of gathering, contemplation, and occasional comedic mishaps.

Around the corner, nestled amongst the winding lanes, is the Prince's Head, a local watering hole that has seen more than its fair share of history. With its timeworn brick exterior and inviting ambiance, it's the quintessential British pub. But for "Ted Lasso" fans, the Prince's Head will forever be known as the Crown & Anchor, the watering hole where our beloved characters share pints, banter, and the occasional heart-to-heart. Although the pub's interior is a set, the exterior shots are all Prince's Head, adding an authentic touch to the series. And just around the corner, nestled in a charming alleyway, is 11 A Paved Court, otherwise known as Ted Lasso's front door.

In a borough where history seeps from every brick and cobblestone, "Ted Lasso" has found a home, intertwining itself with the region's rich heritage. It's a love letter to Richmond, capturing the essence of this corner of London and inviting viewers to become part of its story.

Many more Richmond stories and London walks await. Discover more local history with our Richmond audio tour, and see which nearby London neighborhoods you want to explore next!


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