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Explore Murray's Cheese on Bleecker Street

As you walk along the iconic Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, New York, the windows of Murray's Cheese will surely make you want to stop and get a taste for what's inside.

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An inside look at Murray's Cheese in Greenwich Village. The counter is filled with a variety of cheeses for customers to sample and buy.

Established in 1940, Murray's Cheese has been a cornerstone of Bleecker Street, celebrating New York City's passion for gourmet delights. Initially launched as a small shop, the city's culinary landscape matured, and so did Murray’s offerings. Over the decades, this humble shop's commitment to curating quality cheeses has made it synonymous with excellence in the world of cheese.

The story of Murray's is also one of growth and evolution. Under the stewardship of Rob Kaufelt, who acquired the store in the early '90s, the brand expanded its horizons to include not just cheeses but also charcuterie and specialty foods.

Eventually, the marriage of Murray's with Kroger brought their exemplary cheese selection to stores across America. Beyond their commerce, Murray's stands as an institution of learning, offering classes that introduce enthusiasts to the enchanting world of cheese. Every session, every wheel, every taste reflects a story of artisans, farmers, and cheesemongers.

A stop at Murray's is an opportunity to talk with a knowledgeable cheesemonger who can tell you pretty much anything about cheese. How does the taste of a certain cheese change during different seasons? What's an unexpected cheese pairing for a dinner party? Whatever questions you have, it can be answered here.

In the symphony of New York's history, Murray's Cheese plays a note that's both timeless and delicious.

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