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Echoes of the Past: From Green Point to Greenpoint, A Journey Through Time

The evolution of Greenpoint in Brooklyn is a chronicle of transformation. It's a tale that travels through time from verdant marshland to industrious pier, tracing the journey of a small peninsula that has borne witness to shifting epochs.

brick building in Greenpoint

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Before Greenpoint was known by its current moniker, it was home to the Keskachauge, a sub-tribe of the Lenape. The first inhabitants of the area, the Keskachauge, lived amid lush greenery and expansive marshes. Back then, the landscape was blanketed by jack pines and oaks, punctuated by meandering creeks. The East River, known today as a saltwater estuary, was their source of sustenance, offering an abundance of crabs and clams.

The arrival of the Dutch in the 1600s marked the beginning of a new era. They negotiated a land purchase from the Lenape, incorporating what is now Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint into their colony. They named this bucolic land that nestled into the East River, 'Green Point'.

In 1845, the Provosts, one of the founding Dutch families, constructed the original pier. With the city building more docks over time, Green Point began to transition from a pastoral haven into an industrial powerhouse. Factories manufacturing everything from petroleum to shipbuilding materials sprouted across the neighborhood, solidifying Greenpoint's status as an industrial center.

Echoes of Greenpoint's industrial legacy linger in the form of former factories scattered around the neighborhood and have been further immortalized by classic cinema. In the 1954 Marlon Brando film, "On the Waterfront," Greenpoint's labor history was cinematically enshrined with a line delivered by the Longshoreman Local Union leader, "Go back to Greenpoint."

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