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Visit the Friends Apartment Building in Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village, with its maze of historic streets and buildings, has long been a beacon of culture and artistry in New York. Among its architectural gems stands a distinct building at the intersection of Bedford and Grove Streets. While it resonates with early 20th-century charm, many recognize it for a very specific reason: the iconic exterior of Monica's apartment from the hit television show "Friends."

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exterior shot of the Friends apartment building in Greenwich Village with a clear blue sky behind it

This classic New York structure, typical of the early 1900s, mirrors Greenwich Village's deep-rooted architectural lineage. Its brick facade and characteristic fire escape are like pages from a history book, illustrating a time when buildings like this were becoming more common in response to the city's rapid growth.

Then came the '90s, a time of transformation for the building as it was catapulted into the limelight by "Friends." Even though the show's interiors were filmed on a West Coast soundstage, this Greenwich Village building provided the external setting, making it synonymous with the humorous and heartfelt escapades of Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel. Suddenly, a building which was once just another part of New York's vast urban tapestry became a visual shorthand for an era of television.

The pop culture legacy of "Friends" has left an indelible mark. Fans from across the globe flock to this spot, eager to capture a snapshot that connects them to their favorite moments from the show.

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