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From Royals to Ted Lasso: Exploring the Cultural Legacy of Richmond

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

If you’ve binge watched Seasons 1 to 3 of Ted Lasso like us (check out these Ted Lasso filming locations), Richmond should need no introduction.

Downtown Richmond, London featuring brick buildings, a red bus, people walking on the sidewalk and a blue sky

The borough of Richmond, nestled in southwest London, may have been thrust into the spotlight thanks to the delightful exploits of a certain American football coach turned UK soccer manager. Yet, for the cultured voyager or history aficionado, Richmond's quaint streets and verdant expanses tell tales that stretch far beyond its recent on-screen fame. We invite you to step into these stories through our self-guided audio walking tour of Richmond. But first, let's take a moment to understand the historical and cultural fabric of this enchanting neighborhood.

Richmond, a name that conjures images of lush parks, architectural heritage, and cultural vibrancy, finds its origins in the Old English lexicon, representing "king" and "home". Quite fitting, given that this picturesque borough has served as a royal residence since the sixteenth century. Henry VII inaugurated this regal tradition by erecting a palace here, a legacy later embraced by monarchs including Elizabeth I and James I. While the palace itself may have succumbed to the passage of time, the regal echoes of its existence still resonate within the neighborhood.

The abundance of green spaces within Richmond is a testament to the area's reverence for nature. Richmond Park, Richmond Green, Old Deer Park, and Kew Gardens are verdant sanctuaries within arm's reach, offering respite from the urban rhythm and a haven for wildlife. These expanses of green are more than just picturesque—they're an integral part of the borough's identity.

The 1960s saw Richmond metamorphose into a pulsating heart of music, with the Eel Pie Island Hotel and the Crawdaddy Club playing hosts to the burgeoning rock and roll scene. The Rolling Stones and The Who are but a few of the iconic bands that graced these venues, turning Richmond into a nexus of youth culture and musical innovation.

Fast forward to the present, Richmond continues to capture the imagination of artists and storytellers. It has provided the canvas for cinematic masterpieces and television series, including "The Hours", "Bridget Jones's Diary", "The Darjeeling Limited", "The Crown", "Black Mirror", "Doctor Who", and of course, "Ted Lasso". The borough's captivating blend of historic buildings, picturesque streets, and stunning landscapes offers an authentic and aesthetically pleasing milieu that resonates with filmmakers worldwide.

Many more Richmond stories and London walks await. Discover more local history with our Richmond audio tour, and see which nearby London neighborhoods you want to explore next!


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