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(RE)VERB is an audio augmented reality ‘zine dedicated to spatially conceived creative literary projects. We publish literary/sonic artworks by writers/artists which are written specifically to be heard at determined locations and which explore the aesthetic possibilities of sonically delivered literature within the physical experiences of an environment. Using the linked maps, listeners can visit the location to experience the piece in the place it was written for.

34.0538, -118.2791 in Los Angeles, USA

The Orderly Life of Disorder
by Ricardo A. Bracho

A prose poem by poet and playwright Ricardo Bracho about a block in the neighborhood where he lives on Alvarado between 8th and James Wood Boulevard in the Macarthur Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

LA Anchor
xtine (recall desire).jpeg

(43.6910, 7.2937) in Grotte du Lazaret, Nice, France

(RE)Call your desire

by LabSynthE

In this sound documentation the listener will hear the inside of Grotte du Lazaret, a paleolithic cave in Nice, France, during LabSynthE’s Spring of Poems installation, Your Last Breath’s Desire (May-June 2021). The listener will hear a binaural rendition of LabSynthE’s poetic audio installation in the cave, including sounds used in the making of the piece, and sounds recorded during the live event.  

Nice Anchor

(59.3029, 18.0200) in Stockholm, Sweden

Talking to noise

by Cecilia Enberg & Ami Kohara

Field recordings made under the Essingleden: the noisiest traffic junction in the south part of Stockholm. A place where many people pass every day but no one wants to stay.  Humans pollute the world with sounds and human-generated sounds dominate the earth. Inspired by different methodologies such as Deep listening and automatic talking they use sound in a way to explore the human-oriented/ market-oriented/ heteronormative perspectives.

Cecilia & Ami - Talking to the noise.jpg
Stockholm Anchor

(53.3488, -6.2604) in Dublin, Ireland

Vanguard Voices
by Claire Fitch, Kelly McErlean and Martina Murray

Vanguard Voices aims to amplify the voices and commemorate the lives and work of Irish women activists 1900-1923, by inviting people to become immersed in the walking web of locations and stories through the medium of augmented reality.

Dublin Anchor

(40.8046, -76.3395) in Centralia, USA

For Centralia.
by Amanda Hodes

A small Pennsylvania town, Centralia was relocated and bulldozed due to an underground mine fire. Today, very little remains of the town, though tourists continue to visit. If any area is marked "no trespassing," please remain in your car to experience the sound "drive."

Centralia Anchor

A non guided audio walk

by Heather Kapplow

A Non-Guided Audio Walk expects you to make a new way in the world that has never been made before by being present in your body and letting it move however/wherever it wants to regardless of what the context you find yourself in suggests you should be doing there. Your actions are being undertaken on behalf of someone else, and someone else will do the same for you if you desire.

Photo credit: Antoinette Burchill

Suggested Listening Locations (click on each for precise location):


Little Island
Morningside Heights


LaGuardia Airport







Portugal Cove

United Kingdom





NSW, Australia




Keflavik Airport


Glasnevin Cemetery

Cabra East

Derby Anchor

(36.7215, 25.2713) in Ios, Cyclades, Greece

About Omiros

by Christina Karpodini

A sound piece inspired by Omiros, one of the first authors of Ancient Greece, known for the Odyssey and Iliad. This piece can be heard in various locations of the island. With the most appropriate the port where there is Omiros statue and his tomb, a more remote location in the center of the island but very famous for hikers and admirers of archeology.

Ios Anchor

(37.5665, 126.9779) in Seoul, Korea

Seoul Caw-chi

by Laura Hyunjhee Kim

Black-billed Oriental magpies (Pica sericea) are deeply entangled in Korean cultural history and ecology. Overpopulation of the species has also been in conflict with the mass influx of people and ongoing developments in the city. The once smart, witty and charming allies of Korean people are now controversial cohabitants, perceived as angry and mean—contradicting their symbolic representation in tales that are still passed down generations.

Seoul Anchor

(40.6755, -74.0575) in Oyster Island, USA

A Linguistic Bestiary of Oyster Island

by Kat Mustatea

Narration by: Diana Arnold

Oyster Island, a tiny speck of rock in New York Harbor that juts out of the water to become an island only during unusually low tides, is the setting for a surreal sound walk at the outermost edges of ecological possibility and speculative linguistics. Once arrived at this Atlantis-like location, you are invited to consider what new languages might emerge if humans were to start transforming into the island’s native fauna of red beard sponges, razor clams, and moon snails.

A Linguistic Bestiary of Oyster Island.JPG
New York Anchor
Albequerque Anchor

(36.2075, -105.9611) in Albuquerque, USA

what an Elementary thing it is to worship someone in singularity

by The Submergence Collective

This audiovisual piece imbricates and interweaves a prose-poem collaboratively created using the prompt of “lichen”, field-recordings of lichen spaces and composed sounds. The visual component entrances viewers into lichen morphology created with a generative AI network. The AI is given a dataset of images and learns how to differentiate between “like” and “unlike”, creating entirely new images based off of its findings. This process trains the AI to “see” lichen, much like we hope to do for our human viewers. Watch the video.

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 22.57.31.png

(40.7094, -74.0114) in Manhattan, USA

by Nathaniel Sullivan

Before The Nation Went Bankrupt Is an augmented audio tour of the Financial District in New York City. The audio is the story of that seminal weekend of the financial crisis, told with the semi-fictional love letters of JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. Each stop on the tour, a new letter will be read.


(12.0996, -86.2774) in Managua, Nicaragua


Alejandro Vega and Tuli

Tuli’s farewell from Nicaragua, as she was getting ready to leave a country that marked her so profoundly.

Japan 4 (Ryogoku Bridge).jpeg

(35.6929, 139.7845) in Tokyo, Japan

The River Smells Sea
by Ami Yamasaki

The River Smells Sea
Sound artist and vocalist Ami Yamasaki explores the atmospheric terrain between land, water and the built environment by creating a series of vocalized poems in the spaces underneath five Tokyo bridges, with a bonus piece for a coffee shop with a glowing wool ball outside beckoning. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 22.32.33.png
Tokyo Anchor
Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 22.34.59.png

(40.7228, -73.8281) in Flushing Meadows, USA

Becoming Biodiversity
by Josh Rodenberg & Amy Youngs

Fantastic ecologies exist everywhere on earth and at many scales, many of which are invisible to us. This artwork is a guided tour allows humans to inhabit the worlds of multiple species that live in the park, but which might not be visible.


Supported by ELO, the Electronic Literature Organization, an international organization dedicated to the investigation of literature produced for the digital medium.

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