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Your Podcast Isn't Growing, Now What?

Starting a podcast is no small feat, and growing it can be an even bigger challenge. You've poured your heart and soul into your episodes, yet the number of listeners isn't rising as you hoped. Let’s turn things around.

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First off, it's essential to reassess your podcast's content. Have you clearly identified your target audience? Does your content speak directly to their interests and needs? Sometimes, it can be as simple as adjusting your content to better match what your listeners want. Consider conducting surveys to get direct feedback from your listeners about what they enjoy and what they believe could be improved.

Next, take a look at your podcast's technical quality. Good content can get lost in poor sound quality. Are your voice levels consistent? Is there a lot of background noise? There are several affordable microphones and sound editing software out there that can significantly improve your audio quality.

Marketing is a crucial part of podcast growth. Are you actively promoting your podcast on social media? Have you considered podcast directories? Effective search engine optimization (SEO) can also make a difference. Ensuring your podcast descriptions and episode titles are SEO-friendly can help increase visibility. Collaborations with fellow podcasters can also help expose your podcast to new potential listeners.

Another way to gain traction is by engaging your audience. The most successful podcasts have vibrant communities around them. Start a Facebook group, a subreddit, or an online forum where listeners can discuss episodes and share their thoughts. Respond to comments or questions from listeners. You could even incorporate listener input into your episodes, making your audience feel more connected to your podcast.

While building your listener base, you might also want to consider monetization. Sponsorships, premium content, and merchandise can turn your podcast into a source of income. But it's not just about selling ads or t-shirts. Think outside the box: Could your podcast offer masterclasses or live events?

Here's an exciting opportunity: transforming your podcast episodes into audio walking tours with Gesso. If your podcast relates to local history, culture, or any topic that could enhance someone's understanding of a particular place, you could repurpose your podcast content into self-guided audio tours. Gesso offers an easy-to-use platform where you can drop pins on a map, upload audio clips, images, and transcripts, creating an immersive experience for users. It's not only a way to diversify your content and reach a new audience, but also another potential source of revenue.

Remember, building a podcast audience often takes time. Growth might be slow at first, but with consistent effort, quality content, and by exploring new opportunities like Gesso's audio tours, your podcast has all the potential to succeed.


Gesso is an audio storytelling platform for creators of all backgrounds. Create an account and publish your own audio walking tours in any city. It’s as easy as dropping pins on a map.


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