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Harnessing AI: How to Use ChatGPT to Create a Unique City Guide

If you've ever considered creating a city guide, but felt daunted by the enormity of the task, ChatGPT might be your perfect assistant. Its ability to understand prompts and generate diverse content can greatly simplify your task, all while creating guides that resonate with readers' interests.

people walking in Paris

Understanding the power of prompts is a vital first step. With ChatGPT, the quality of your output heavily relies on the input you provide. The prompt should be clear, concise, and specific to ensure you get the most relevant information. Remember, you're not simply asking a question; you're directing an AI to follow a certain thought process.

Crafting a guide for iconic landmarks is the initial task. For instance, if you were creating a guide for Paris, you could ask ChatGPT, "Describe the historical significance and the architectural style of the Eiffel Tower." This prompt provides a two-fold response that combines factual information with compelling storytelling.

You could also prompt ChatGPT, "What are some lesser-known but interesting places to visit in Paris that offer a unique cultural experience?" This will enable the AI to think beyond the usual tourist traps and provide insights into unique spots.

Incorporating local history breathes life into your city guide. An engaging prompt might be, "Provide a historical narrative about the transformation of Montmartre from its bohemian past to its modern-day significance in Paris." This directive combines location, history, and cultural context, creating a rich tapestry of information.

To suggest activities off the beaten path, consider prompts like, "Describe unconventional and immersive experiences one can have in Paris." Such an inquiry encourages the AI to consider lesser-explored options, which might include everything from indie art galleries to niche food markets.

Once you have a collection of responses, you'll need to compile and format them into a coherent and engaging city guide. Think about logical arrangements (maybe based on geographical location or thematic similarity), and remember to weave in your unique perspective to make the guide truly your own.

Now, the exciting part - monetization. Thanks to platforms like Gesso's creator platform, transforming these city guides into a source of passive income is remarkably easy. By converting your AI-assisted content into self-guided audio tours, you're providing a valuable tool for travelers and locals alike, allowing them to explore cities at their own pace.


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