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Turn Your YouTube Content into Audio Walking Tours

As a YouTube content creator, you're always on the lookout for new ways to engage with your audience and diversify your offerings. If your channel is travel-centric or covers city-specific content, there's a unique opportunity waiting for you - converting your YouTube content into immersive audio walking tours with Gesso.

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Repurposing your YouTube content might sound like a daunting task, but it's simpler than you might think. Your travel vlogs, city guides, and virtual tours already contain rich, valuable content that can be transformed into interactive audio walking tours. This kind of evergreen content not only enhances the value of your YouTube channel but also provides your followers with a new way to interact with your work.

Gesso's self-publishing platform is your gateway to turning this concept into reality. Its user-friendly interface lets you create an account, upload audio clips, and accompany them with images and supplementary materials like transcripts. This isn't just about transforming your content; it's about enhancing it.

The process of creating an audio tour from your YouTube content begins with breaking down your videos into narratable segments. These segments can then be scripted into immersive audio experiences that guide listeners through a specific locale. Whether it's a city's bustling main street, a hidden natural treasure, or a popular cultural landmark, you're taking your followers on a journey guided by your voice.

Monetizing your knowledge is the next big step. You've already shown your audience that you have an in-depth understanding of various locales through your YouTube content. Now, you're packaging that knowledge into on-demand, self-guided audio tours that users can purchase.

Creating these audio tours isn't just a business venture; it's a new way to engage with your community. As your followers explore new places through your audio guides, they connect with your content on a deeper level. This kind of engagement can foster a sense of loyalty and connection, turning casual viewers into dedicated followers.


Gesso is an audio storytelling platform for creators of all backgrounds. Create an account and publish your own audio walking tours in any city. It’s as easy as dropping pins on a map.


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