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Harnessing AI: How to Use ChatGPT to Create Unique Travel Guides

In the ever-evolving world of digital content, it's more important than ever to keep up with new technologies. For travel enthusiasts and professional content creators, ChatGPT presents a unique opportunity. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to generate compelling travel itineraries with an interesting mix of iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-path points of interest.

Blue and orange sunset in Lisbon with a white curved building on the right side

When interacting with ChatGPT, the key is in the prompting. Your prompts should be clear, direct, and as specific as possible. If you’re asking for a list of landmarks, specify the city and how many you want. A structured prompt allows ChatGPT to generate more focused and useful responses.

Let's explore the power of ChatGPT by creating a travel itinerary for Lisbon, Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city.

To start, we might ask for a city overview: "Describe Lisbon as a travel destination for someone who enjoys history and culture."

For iconic landmarks, we could prompt: "List 5 iconic landmarks in Lisbon that a first-time visitor must see."

To discover hidden gems, we could ask: "What are 5 hidden gems in Lisbon that are less visited by tourists but loved by locals?"

To dive into local history, we might use: "Describe 3 important historical events that occurred in Lisbon and where tourists can learn more about them."

For unique points of interest, we might inquire: "Suggest 3 off-the-beaten-path places in Lisbon that offer unique cultural experiences."

Once you've received the AI's outputs, it's time to fine-tune. Edit the responses for flow, add personal insights, and validate the information. The idea is to use ChatGPT's content as a springboard, while adding your personal touch to create a truly unique travel itinerary.

Once you have your unique travel itinerary, consider turning it into a self-guided audio tour. Platforms like Gesso offer a great way to monetize your content. You can upload audio clips, images, transcripts, and even specify a walking route, creating an interactive, immersive experience for travelers.


Gesso is an audio storytelling platform for creators of all backgrounds. Create an account and publish your own audio walking tours in any city. It’s as easy as dropping pins on a map.


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