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How ICP and New Museum Keep Audiences Engaged from Anywhere.

3 steps to maximize engagement with your latest web app.

White neon words in a museum.

Now that you have brought your exhibitions online via our web app, here are three key ways to get the word out:

1. Keep your website up to date

The first and probably most obvious step is to make sure you link to your new and snazzy web app from your website. Make sure visitors to your site can easily discover and engage with your new virtual offerings. Link from the homepage and exhibition pages.

Here’s an example of how ICP informs visitors that they are closed, but visitors can ‘Engage with ICP from Anywhere’, including experiencing exhibitions:

Screenshot from the International Center of Photography's website that tells visitors how to access their audio guides.

If visitors land on the exhibition page, there are shortcuts on the side there that point to additional content.

Screenshot of the International Center of Photography's website showing their visitors a specific exhibition's page, linking to the audio guide for the exhibition.

2. Create compelling social media content

Screenshot of the International Center of Photography's tweet, directing their followers to listen to the James Coupe exhibition audio guide.

According to Hootsuite, 3.8 billion people are social media users (that’s 50% of the global population), and 84% of people with access to the internet use social media. There’s no doubt that you should be promoting your web app on these platforms.

Here’s an example from ICP’s Twitter. ICP provides a stunning image, uses a relevant hashtag like #MuseumFromHome, and makes listening easy by providing a link to the web app for quick access.

Screenshot of the New Museum's Instagram post, directing their followers to listen to the Peter Saul exhibition audio guide.

The New Museum’s Instagram shares pictures of artists’ work with captivating quotes and informative captions about how to listen to Gesso audio guides. There are also other types of posts to consider, in addition to a standard picture.

With simple, free tools like Headliner museums can create posts that allow followers to feel as if they’re having a chat with artists over a cup of coffee. Check out the New Museum’s posts about Daiga Grantina, Peter Saul, and Jordan Casteel. New Museum used audio clips from Gesso’s platform in visually appealing Headliner videos, letting followers go inside the minds of brilliant artists as they reflect on their work.

Looking at just those three posts alone, they collectively received over 25,000 views, and some of the comments include “Love this format” and “That interview is so inspiring. I listened to it in my studio the other day. So refreshing.”

3. Don’t forget their inboxes

With over 3.9 billion email users (Statista, 2020), another important traction channel to utilize is email marketing. Including links to web apps in your museum’s newsletter can lead to significant engagement. Let’s take a look at how the New Museum and ICP do it:

Screenshot from the New Museum's email newsletter, telling their subscribers to listen to the museum audio guide for the Peter Saul exhibition.

The New Museum sends “Home Delivery” newsletters that promote digital resources for people to use as they stay inside. In the image above, you can see clear calls to action, directing people to hear from Peter Saul in his own words.

ICP also promotes their web app by directly linking to exhibition audio guides. Here, you can see ICP encouraging their subscribers to engage with insightful reflections and exclusive photographer interviews, while also highlighting the available translation features.

Screenshot from the International Center of Photography's newsletter, encouraging their subscribers to listen to the audio guides for the James Coupe and Contact High exhibitions.


1. Link to your new web app from your institution’s website.

2. Social, social, social. Activate your social media channels by sharing bite-sized content from your web app.

3. Emails. In your newsletters, link to specific objects or exhibitions in the web app.


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