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Add an Immersive Layer of History to Your Historic Venue with Audio Tours

Historic venues possess a unique charm, carrying centuries of history and culture within their walls. But imagine being able to breathe life into these tales, inviting visitors to walk through time as they explore the space. The answer lies in immersive audio tours—an engaging and innovative approach to sharing your venue's rich past.

Building made of white bricks with a blue sky in the background

Audio tours offer a myriad of advantages for historic venues. More than just a guide, they serve as a narrative, making the building's history accessible and engaging.

In today's digital era, interactive and immersive experiences are increasingly sought after. Audio tours offer visitors the chance to absorb information at their own pace, which traditional guided tours often don't permit. These tours can peel back the layers of history, revealing the stories behind each room, artifact, and architectural element, deepening the visitor's appreciation for the venue.

A well-crafted audio tour serves as a unique promotional tool. It allows potential clients to immerse themselves in the venue's history, helping them envision their event in your space. This rich context and historical depth can set your venue apart in a competitive market. Furthermore, sharing snippets of your audio tour on social media platforms can stir curiosity and draw attention to your venue.

Creating an audio tour requires research, scripting, and audio recording. Start by collating information about your venue—historical events, interesting facts, and personal anecdotes that bring the venue to life. Then, weave these into an engaging narrative. Hosting and selling your audio tours need not be complicated. Platforms like Gesso offer a simple and effective solution for showcasing and selling your audio tours.


Gesso is an audio storytelling platform for creators of all backgrounds. Create an account and publish your own audio walking tours in any city. It’s as easy as dropping pins on a map.


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