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A street scene in SoHo with blue skies and 'The Wall' which was built in 1973 by artist Forrest Myers

New York  Audio Tours

Immerse yourself in the symphony of stories that make New York City so captivating.

Gesso was created for explorers who find joy in life's hidden gems - from the abstract sidewalk carvings in SoHo, to the rhythmic symphony of local chatter in Prospect Park. Our self-guided audio tours invite you to explore and connect with New York's diverse neighborhoods, all at your own pace. 


Uncover the hip and historic streets of Williamsburg or travel through time at Rockefeller Center. Wherever you choose to explore, we hope you take the time to observe and absorb all the little details that make each neighborhood unique.

More neighborhoods coming soon!

Discover more New York stories on our blog:

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