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We make curated Audio Guides to marvelous places.


Deepen Engagement
with Audio.

At Gesso, we specialize in creating audio guides, tours, and podcasts that elevate your spaces. Our expertly crafted audio experiences enrich visitor engagement, amplify diverse voices, and make your stories accessible to all.

Add a curatorial and accessible dimension to your exhibits with narratives that engage and educate.

Enhance visitor exploration with immersive audio tours that reveal the hidden stories of your site.

Extend your reach with compelling podcasts that deepen audience connections and highlight expert insights.

5 reasons to choose Gesso:

  1. Engage and Connect: Our audio experiences foster deeper engagement and meaningful connections with your audience.

  2. Amplify Diverse Expert Voices: Feature chefs, artists, business owners, architects, and other experts to offer new perspectives and enrich your storytelling.

  3. Accessibility and Inclusion: We offer multilingual tours and accessibility features to ensure your audience can enjoy and resonate with your stories.

  4. Increase Dwell Time: By captivating visitors, we help increase the time they spend and their overall investment in your space.

  5. Enhance Visitor Flow: We work with you to design a route that directs visitor traffic, leading visitors to discover hidden gems and key locations, enriching their overall experience and ensuring greater exposure to all areas of your venue.

Working with the most forward thinking Clients + Partners.

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