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Hipsters + Holdouts: Masters of Style in Williamsburg

A sociological look at hipsterism, style, commodification and the businesses that are thriving against the odds.

A fully immersive, mobile audio tour through the ever evolving streets of Williamsburg, a truly delicate ecosystem. We'll explore the history behind local businesses like Brooklyn Brewery, Beacon's Closet, and National Sawdust, just to name a few.


Here in Williamsburg, like in so many other neighborhoods in New York and cities around the world, corporate development is in a perpetual tug of war with independent, locally-owned endeavors. What can we learn from the unlikely survival of places that are unusual and eclectic?

Hipsters + Holdouts was written and produced by Sarah Holtz.

Show Notes

How can I support these iconic Williamsburg businesses? Great question. Check out this newsletter from our archives, which lists ways to support some of the local businesses mentioned on our audio walk.

Inspired by our Hipsters + Holdouts audio walk, we've created the perfect Spotify playlist just for you, capturing the essence of this Brooklyn neighborhood. Listen now

Check out these archival photographs of the neighborhood and see what McCarren Park used to look like in 1906.

Travel back in time and revisit 1950s New York with this 1 min WYNC audio clip, When Weed Grew Wild in Williamsburg.  

Want even more resources for this dynamic Brooklyn neighborhood? No problem. Here's a list of recommended reading:

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