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SoHo: A Retrospective

Discover the secrets of SoHo, hidden in plain sight.

Join us on an art walk through the streets of SoHo and get an inside look at this New York neighborhood’s artistic spirit. We've teamed up with Soho Memory Project to trace signs of SoHo's past and uncover hidden details only lifelong SoHo residents can show you. 

The audio walking tour is narrated by Yukie Ohta, Founder of SoHo Memory Project, and is enriched by interviews with artists, authors, and SoHo residents. Stops include Housing Works Bookstore, Ken Hiratsuka’s sidewalk carvings, Judd Foundation, Vesuvio Bakery, and more. 

Special thanks to our interviewees -- Shael Shapiro, Aaron Shkuda, Ken Hiratsuka, Richard Haas, Joyce Kozloff, Paola and Zoë, Charles Leslie, and Mimi Ohta, for sharing their SoHo memories. The audio tour was written and narrated by Yukie Ohta, edited by Michael Reynolds, Henna Wang and produced by Sarah Holtz.



Start at Broadway and Houston Street

After pressing start, geotagged audio stories will automatically play to guide your route.

1. The Gateway to SoHo
2. Houston Street
3. Jersey Street Alley
4. Housing Works Bookstore
5. Crosby Lunch
6. Yukie’s Old Loft
7. Ken’s Sidewalk Carving
8. Fanelli’s
9. Post Office
10. FOOD Restaurant



11. Vesuvio Bakery
12. The 420 Gallery Building
13. Artist-in-Residence Sign
14. Loading Dock
15. Fluxhouse
16. Donald Judd’s Studio
17. Zoe’s House
18. Original location of the New Museum
19. Back to the Wall

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