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Image by Sher Chew.

(RE)VERB is an audio augmented reality ‘zine dedicated to spatially conceived creative literary projects. We publish literary/sonic artworks by writers/artists which are written specifically to be heard at determined locations and which explore the aesthetic possibilities of sonically delivered literature within the physical experiences of an environment.

Call for Proposals.


We are looking for contributions from an interdisciplinary creative community within the fields of electronic literature, experimental poetry, conceptual writing, art and technology, sound art and Audio AR to consider the sensorial, psychological, infrastructural and material experience of place for aesthetic experimentation.


The pieces can be poetic, radical micro narratives, collaborations with sound artists, experimental spoken word, alternative history, conceptual forms or a yet to be classified utterance. Surprise us!


(RE)VERB is publicly available across the globe via Gesso.


To have your work considered for our first issue, please submit the following by July 5th, 2021:

  • Proposal (300 words or less) which includes the location for your piece, a description of what the listener will hear, and the theoretical ideas motivating the work. 

  • Artist/writer bio

  • Links to examples of 1-3 prior projects with short descriptions (these examples can be from any related medium that features your creative talent, they do not have to come from the field of audio augmented reality)


If selected, writers/artists must be able to create and record the work to be submitted and provide the location coordinates for the sound file.

If any questions arise, please contact


Supported by ELO, the Electronic Literature Organization, an international organization dedicated to the investigation of literature produced for the digital medium.

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