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Pastoral Paradise: Prospect Park

Across undulating meadows, into the ravine, around Beaux-Arts structures and precious trees, tread the path that many Brooklynites have tread before you.​

When the pandemic started, some aspects of our lives seemed to slow down. We began taking longer walks in the park, and noticing things around us more. We stopped to smell flowers, watch dogs play in the pond and read books on park benches. And we started to realize how lucky we were to live so close to such a magical park.


Saunter with us as we explore the interesting history and ecology of the park, and pay homage to this wonderful part of Brooklyn.


While the tour is free, please consider making a donation to the Prospect Park Alliance, the non-profit organization that safeguards this treasure.

Pastoral Paradise was written and produced by Rebecca Chaisson.

Estimated duration: 45 mins

Walking distance: 1.4 mi

Start point: 3rd St & Prospect Park West

Suggested donation: $10

Show Notes

Watch the evolution of Prospect Park unfold in front of you as you look through photographs dating all the way back to 1861. 

Go back in time and check out these archival newspapers from 1920 and 1943 that describe a few of the lives of those buried in the Quaker Cemetery.

See the "tree-moving machine" that John Y. Culyer designed in 1869. The machine was responsible for moving 600 trees in a three year span, some weighing as much as 15 tons.

Want even more resources for this iconic green space? No problem. Here's a list of recommended reading:

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