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Practical Grandeur: The Making of the
Brooklyn Bridge

A fully immersive, mobile audio tour across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Now an iconic feature of the New York City skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge was once thought of as impossible- a fool’s errand. The men who built it- and the woman who spurred it along- were hailed as heroes across the country, their sacrifices landing them alongside martyrs of the church. Walk through the bridge’s 14 year construction history- commune with the beyond, attend a post-Prohibition soiree beneath the roadway, and stroll across a footbridge 200 feet above the water.

Practical Grandeur was written and produced by Rebecca Chaisson.

Show Notes

Don't confuse "Brooklyn Bridge Tan" with "Queensborough Tan."

In need of a book recommendation? Check out The Great Bridge by David McCullough. 

Read about the life of Emily Roebling while also taking a look at some archival photos from throughout her life and the bridge's construction.

Get a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge during its different phases of construction through these vintage photographs

Check out these article for even more history behind this work of practical grandeur:

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