Practical Grandeur: The Making of the

Brooklyn Bridge

A fully immersive, mobile audio tour across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Now an iconic feature of the New York City skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge was once thought of as impossible- a fool’s errand. The men who built it- and the woman who spurred it along- were hailed as heroes across the country, their sacrifices landing them alongside martyrs of the church. Walk through the bridge’s 14 year construction history- commune with the beyond, attend a post-Prohibition soiree beneath the roadway, and stroll across a footbridge 200 feet above the water.

Practical Grandeur was written and produced by Rebecca Chaisson.

This tour has advanced features. You'll need the app to begin exploring.

Show Notes

Don't confuse "Brooklyn Bridge Tan" with "Queensborough Tan."

In need of a book recommendation? Check out The Great Bridge by David McCullough. 

Read about the life of Emily Roebling while also taking a look at some archival photos from throughout her life and the bridge's construction.

Get a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge during its different phases of construction through these vintage photographs

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