Rockefeller Center:

The Rink

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Just across the street are the neon lights of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. That building is widely known as 30 Rock, perhaps because Tina Fey’s hit TV show with the same name, many assume this is all there is to Rock Center. But there is so much more. Rockefeller Center is a 22 acre campus that spans six blocks in the heart of Midtown. Despite its landmark status, it is anything but frozen in time. As we’ll see today, Rock Center was built as a home for innovators and continues to embody this spirit at the heart of New York City.


Walk with me, an art historian, new media entrepreneur, and New Yorker. We’ll see an interplay of contemporary art and Art Deco, we’ll follow our noses to find inventive cuisines as diverse as New York, and witness the cutting edge of media creation. I’m even going to let you in on a few secrets.

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